Politics – making the future moron-certain

The wise Milton Friedman once said, “If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years, there’d be a shortage of sand.”

Growing up in the “new South Africa”, I have experienced and learnt all about bad governments. Don’t get me wrong, Apartheid was obviously immoral, but the country was at least run better. The current government is doing a terrible job of “governing” the country, and it’s all being blamed on Apartheid (which, if they haven’t realised, ended over 20 years ago). If the president is living in a house that cost approximately R250 000 000 (18 million US dollars), how can he blame all the poverty visible from his many doorsteps, on Apartheid (or anything else for that matter)? But poverty isn’t all our ridiculous government is blaming on Apartheid. The drop in the value of the rand (which used to be much higher in Apartheid times) is apparently also “Apartheid’s fault”. What made me laugh even more than that was the Minister of Water Affairs blaming our drought on Apartheid.

Fortunately – or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it – South Africa isn’t the only country suffering under a substandard government. Most of Africa is in devastating poverty most of the world wouldn’t understand. Poor America had a seemingly difficult decision between Hilary Clinton, billionaire Donald Trump and a few others; Donald Trump having claimed that Mexicans are rapists and women who have had abortions should be punished, and now he’s their president… Bankrupt Greece and immigrant-filled Germany, however, have even bigger problems.

Coming back to South Africa, all we as fellow South Africans can hope for is change. Not the “vote for change” kind of change the ANC boasts of, but a good change. But is that going to happen? After all, we can’t expect a change, if the government and the majority of its daft citizens are not willing to acknowledge their ignorance and actually make the change.


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